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August 2007

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I'm not unfaithful but I stray; When I get a little scared, when I get a little...run run run, run.

Tegan and Sara, man. I know they've been around for quite a while, but I've finally decided to like them. For the most part. Normally I hate chick singers, but damn. They strike something in me. And they can also be fun! (Donner- I'm making you a cd!)


In other news...I think it's official with Jon. At least he seems comfortable with the idea, but we haven't had a talk about it or anything. Last night a comment about us as a "couple" was made, and he acknowledged it/reacted to it as if it was just a fact.

I'm not sure what to think. I like him a great deal...despite the fact that I originally thought he was a "mopey grump ass." And the fact that he's a Democrat. And a Catholic-turned-agnostic, if you want to call it that. He's searching/unsure...definitely not religious. I don't know...sometimes I feel like I need a spiritual leader, not someone who is even further from God than I am, and that is something which has been troubling me on and off. But I'm approaching it in a much more casual manner for the time being. I obviously don't love him...but as I said, I feel at home with him. He's a big cynic and not really a "people person," but somehow it works.

Long distance, though. Eh. The thing I'm afraid of is us letting it fizzle out instead of making it grow. We haven't known each other long, and though I can read him insanely well in person, there is so much he doesn't say. I've never been the type to ask the annoying "what are you thinking?" question, but I've caught myself wanting to ask it when I'm with him. Like I said, I'm way more social than he is. I'm very open to sharing, and unless it's about movies or themes/concepts/problems which crop up in said movies, he's pretty tight-lipped. (He works at the movie store...and is good friends with Brian and Dennis. How perfect is that? We all stand around talking in there for hours...it's like something out of a Kevin Smith movie.) We're both comfortable sitting in silence for long periods of time, which is refreshing. I just wish we could go the other way, too. I guess with shy people that comes with time, but it's still frustrating at times.

I guess we'll just see what happens. Both of us are mature and pretty honest with ourselves, so I'm not worried.

In other news, we all finally got to watch the new David Lynch movie, Inland Empire, a few nights ago. It's been driving me crazy ever since. I'll never be able to grasp it all, just like Lost Highway or Mullholland Dr., but I can't explain how much it touched me. There's nothing better than being deeply moved by something even though you don't even really know what's happening. And now I get to watch it 10 more times and solve all the mysteries! Laura Dern was just amazing- It was probably the most haunting performance I have ever seen.

Last day at work was today. That gave me some heart. I'm going to spend the night alone and watch The Fountain, and it will be fantastic.

I'm off to take a nap beofre my beloved Nature comes on. Only four hours of sleep in the last two nights. Not so hot.

I hope everyone is well. Mark, I'm glad you got home safely from Eagle Lake. Colleen, Donna, Chase...I WILL call you guys, I promise. ;-)

rock on \\m//


Boyfriend? Meh? I'm intrigued. And totally happy for you. I understand what you mean about the needing a spiritual leader thing, but these days I think everyone can be a spiritual leader to us if you let them. Maybe that's just me being naiive, I don't know.