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August 2007

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"Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for European American compared to African American."

It's that "are you prejudice test" Oprah always talks about. Personally, though I know for a fact I am slightly biased towards whites, I just don't see how the test can be as accurate as they claim. They say you can't cheat, but by making an effort to place the white people into categories more slowly, or place them on the "wrong" side, I could have gotten a more acceptable score, couldn't I? I don't get it. Plus, I think it's easier to tell yourself "black=bad" than "white=bad" just from a stupid mnemonic standpoint. (And at the same time, it's equally as difficult to try and remember "black=good" as "white=good.")

Just curious to see what you all think? (What I said will make sense when you actually take the test!)

I was thinking about prejudice the other day, and I'll say it for the billionth time: If it weren't for Oprah and others harping on about everyone about stereotypes, I probably wouldn't give a damn about anyone's superficial differences. But because so many activists for blacks, women, etc. constantly turn everything into a race/gender/etc. issue, no one knows how to look at people as just people anymore- to be judged by their character. It makes me terribly sad. I think back to my childhood, and even as a white kid in a sheltered environment, I never once looked at a black person and thought ANYTHING just because they were black. Now, as a "mature adult," I catch myself looking at them, having some benign thought or even occasionally one that might be deemed "socially unacceptable" float through my mind, simultaneously freaking out because "I don't want to be a racist," then trying to somehow prove to them and myself that I'm not, and that I'm just like them. What does a test like this do? Like the poor people on the show who started out thinking they were very accepting and felt akin to a variety of other groups, many individuals will probably spend the next years of their lives internally going insane whenever they see members of these groups, because now they are aware of their "prejudice" and can't seem to think of those people the same way they did before. Which reaction do you think is better for a wise, respectful, loving society?

*end rant* I know plenty of people have said it before, but still. I'm just so sick of the way we think these days.

rock on \\m//


Your icon reminded me to tell you- I listened to his podcast today, and read up on a few different sites. I definitely like him...now it's just a matter of learning more and continuing to research a few of the other candidates.

I talked to my dad- apparently he is currently favoring Thompson as well!

Didn't take the test, but I agree with the substance of what you were saying. Some people looks for devils under every rock and tree. It's their bread and butter.

I haven't done the hardcore research to distinguish a favourite among the candidates..shocking, I know. They all have their good and bad points, and there are pro/con things I need to research, to find out if this or that allegation is true.

One thing is for sure: Fred Thompson's voice is really, really...really annoying. His voice and the accent. Mostly the accent, actually. I hear him filling in a lot for Paul Harvey, and the thought of listening to that for 4 to 8 years sets me on edge. How does his wife stand to listen to him speak every day?

I'm not saying I wouldn't vote for him. I'm just saying I'll prefer the transcripts over the soundbites, mmkay? I can't think of any public figure whose voice irritated me SO MUCH. Fran Drescher maybe.