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August 2007

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Watch the sun,
As it crawls across a final time
And it feels like,
Like it was a friend.
It is watching us,
And the world we set on fire
Do you wonder,
If it feels the same?

So...NIN is on tour again in Europe, as Year Zero is released on the 17th. This time, I WILL get to see them live. The only sad thing is that they will be playing a lot from Year Zero and With Teeth, not The Fragile. But still. I've been waiting over eight years!

In other news, Wal-Mart guy apologized for hitting on me since I was married. Colleen, I really have to change that Facebook status. He's the second person who has taken it seriously. Then he asked for my number. I lied and said my dad used all of our free minutes for work. :-/ Obviously the most grown-up way to deal with the situation.

Lauren- good luck on logic tomorrow! You'll do fine, I know it. (And if you have any doubts, think of our graduation party in Lexington, and then picture it getting TRASHED by a big F+ in red tights and a wig.)

Everyone have a nice evening!

rock on \\m//


I saw a live video thing on tv from his last tour, and the guitar player annoyed me a lot.(The one just leaping through air) I mean, seriously. No one is there to see him.

The same thing happened when I saw Gary Numan. The guitar player was all over the place, and annoying. And later than night I happened to walk in on him in the bathroom at some bar/restaurant...yeah, that was random, but I felt the need to mention that.
Yeah, you just had to find a way to fit it in that you saw Gary Numan. Psh. ;-)

There seem to be a ton of pictures of the guitar guy. He looks like a little mod punk. I miss the old band.
Thanks! I'll be taking it in just over an hour and I'm nervous as hell. I've been listening to Ghostwriter (the horn song) by RJD2 all morning to get me more confident.

HAHA!!! Ohhhhh Wal-Mart guy...Yeah, I think I may be over the whole "oh my god, I *hate* seeing the word single on my profile..." phase...So if you wanna officially be Facebook single, that's cool with me! Plus, I hate the whole "looking for...friendship and dating" crap. Besides the point.

Anyway! YOU AND LAUREN NEED TO COME SOON. ASAP!!!! And we should talk on the phone, also ASAP.

What's with you and the supermarket cashier fetish? I'm pretty sure that one has a population of one

Oh my GOD!! You mean you're NOT married?!?! I mean sure, I thought it was fishy, but I'm from Smalltown, Oklahoma. So it was almost believable. :O

On the other hand, if people really DID believe that...I'm just sayin', maybe they should stay home and not log on to the internet on April Fools..

I was going to post something about this with some other new releases this year, but I've yet to get around to it. I'd consider trying to see them when they swing through, but I'll probably have trouble rounding up willing comrades for it..maybe. >:O